Keep in The Know With New Online Casino Rules on Wagering

When it comes to online casinos, most things are simple and plain sailing. However, there is one thing that persists and keeps popping up. Wagering Requirements. These are not the easiest to understand however, almost everywhere has them. It helps with your casino experience if you understand what they are and how they affect you as a player. We will also show you which places you can play that adhere to new online casino rules on wagering.

You will notice if you have ever taken part in a welcome bonus or a promotion of any kind, they come with wagering requirements. But these are often confusing or hard to find within the terms and conditions of the casino. Some online casinos try not to hide the fact that they have these in place. You can see to see how this is done nowadays. However, a general rule is that where you see a promotion there will also be terms displayed.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

So What Are the New Online Casino Rules on Wagering?

Well according to the UKGC, who make the rules and regulations in the UK casino industry. There are no specifics on wagering requirements. As a result, all they ask for is ‘Fair and Transparent Terms and Practices‘. I guess the question is now, why are they even there? This is down to the casinos. We must all remember that casinos are businesses and businesses make money. That is why you may find some fail-safes for them in the terms and condition.

Get Advice on Requirements You may Need to Meet

Basically, casinos add the wagering requirements to cover themselves. As many games are a game of chance there is no way of saying how much you will win. As a result, it would not be great news if you were to win a huge amount on a spin they gave you as a bonus. That is why bonus wagering requirements are put in place. As a result, I am going to explain them to you.

How they work is pretty simple once you understand them. Any winnings you receive while playing with bonus funds or spins is what the wagering requirement is connected to. As a result, you will have to put these winnings at stake once again. The terms and conditions of the promotions you claimed will explain the number of times you are required to put these winnings at stake. Once you have reached this, the winning you then land will be able to be withdrawn.

Play Risk Free Spins at Some Casinos

Wager-Free Bets

There are very few online casinos out there that offer the chance of wager free bets. However, there are some. These kinds of online casinos tend not to offer that many promotions overall. Therefore, if you find yourself at an online casino that offers wager-free promotions, you should count yourself lucky. PlayOJO Casino is one that is known for offering promotions that do not have wager requirements connected to their bonuses. Possibly the reason why they have boosted in popularity over the past couple of years.